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Hy6 viewfinder

I am interested in buying a Hy6, however, I have trouble using a waiste level viewfinder. Does anyone know where I can buy a 45 degree viewfinder. I have access to a new Hy6 but the one for sale has a waiste level finder and the dealer does not have a 45 degree viewfinder in stock. In fact given the condition of the manufacturer I wonder whether there are any 45 degree viewfinders available. Perhaps you can recommend a dealer or dealers who might have one. I know the one dealer in NY (kurland) does not have one. I have no reference to any other dealer in the United States so would like your help.


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45° viewfinder

I understand your issue with the waist level viewfinder, it takes some getting used to. I had the same "struggle" with the 6008 AF and after a couple of months decided to get the 45° prism viewfinder. This one is highly recommended over the 90° prism viewfinder.

I got mine directly from Franke & Heidecke in Germany. Actually, I first got the Hy6 specific model by accident, so I am sure it does exist :)

Be aware that the models for Hy6/AFi and 6008 series are different and not interchangeable.

As to sources, of course the easiest is always at the factory but that may be a little difficult now until the situation is cleared out. I will try to find a couple of addresses.


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According to what I have heard, the factory is still operating quite normally pending the outcome of the insolvency procedure. So I would suggest that you contact the factory directly in case you do not find a dealer with stock.