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I am in troubles


Active Member
... with my Contax ND.
Cleaning the sensor surface i marked it (yes, I am stupid, but this is an other problem).

Now, I sent the camera to a French authorized repair laboratory and they sent camera back because "no spare parts for it"!
Damn .. Kyocera assured for 10 years of availability of spare parts!

Anyone of you can help me?



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This is a disaster
. My understanding too was the 10 year commitment. I heard from a former employee of kyocera that the 10 year commitment was actually arrived at in this way: kyocera looked at the historic annual requirement for parts, by product, then stockpiled 10 year's worth of volume. I suspect that if your experience is based on official data (ie the AD relayed Kyocera's official position), then there has been a major miscalculation of volume regarduing ND sensors.

Dirk: can we get some clarification on this please? If we can't get our ND's fixed when the sensor needs it, I might just convert all my lenses to Eos mount now!!!