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I dropped My G1


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I recently returned from a 1month backpacking trip through central america "Panama". I had a great time and feel I got a some good shots. I dropped my camera from about 3.5 feet on the left edge. It dented the left corner where the drive/ISO buttons are. The drive button got pressed in making the camera unusable. I was in the mountains and I used my swiss army knife to cut off one of the buttons and to get the camera back on DX so i could put any roll of film in and be able to shoot. I got this to happen and shot for the last week of my trip.

My camera is very ugly now and has to stay on the single drive mode and can only be used on DX. Im selling my 35mm and 90mm lenses that are in perfect shape. Contact me if you are interested. If you know of how much Contax charges for this repair please let me know.


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Im not selling my lenses anymore...Im looking for A clean green lable G1. I got my pics back and zeiss lenses WOW


Sorry to hear about the camera accident, but G1's are getting less expensive. Why dont you upgrade to the G2 -- and sell the G1 for parts on ebay; or use the old g1 as a parts camera for your second g1. Just remember, the camera is "replaceable" but the memories of your backpacking trip .. well, to do that again is gonna cost a lot more than the camera. Glad you had a great trip and your pictures turned out so well. Sounds to me like the g1 never let you down.


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The "WOW" reaction is the reason that most of us stick with film and our beloved Gs. I would second the recommendation that you shop for a G2, either new or used, to replace your G1. The G2 really is a superior camera, especially in the realm of focusing.


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The G2 is nice, but is larger and heavier than G1. I have both, but use the G1 on backpacking trips when weight and space are important.



Sad to hear you dropped your G1. But it hapens, i am sorry for you, but I hope it was worth it.

Do you regret it not to have taken your SLR Nikon only ?
How did you like the G1 for taking Photograph while traveling ?


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Its tough to answer the question about me wishing I had taken my Nikon SLR? I know I would have been a little more sure about my pics. With the g1 I always have the feeling of I hope i got that picture. As with a Nikon f4 and its glorious viewfinder, I pretty much know if I got the shot or not. THe lenses on the G1 are insane and with a good pro lab developing your stuff your results should be pretty astounding. THere were definetly times that I wished I had a Nikon slr and a macro lens for some flower shots while I was in the rainforest or nice 300mm lens for some bird shots. But I dont think I would have been able to travel with such ease. So its a give and take situation.

I was really surprised how easily the g1 got dented and how suseptible the left edge is to damage. Putting the iso and drive buttons there,was not a good idea. The G1 did everything I asked it to. I had very few out of focus shots and because it being a rangefinder I was able to handhold some shots for longer than I would have with an slr and because of this I was able to shoot slower speed film. And I also shot some 3200 without flash for some low light work.
hope this answers your questions...sorry for rambling