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I forgot wich film


New Member
I'm a enthusiastic M6 user but ....
can someone tell me how can I remember wich kind of film have I loaded? Infact I normally use diferent kind of films, B&W negative or positive, colour slides and more. One time I visited a website were they sell a accessory to apply on the back of the M6 to hold the classic film box label to remember the film loaded, but I don't find it again. Can someone help me?



If they can put a simple window on the film door of the Hexar RF, then, why the heck can't they put one on the back of the M6?

As for gluing one of those gadgets (sliders) onto the back of MY camera!!!!!!! I shutter to think that I (personally) would ever resort to doing that.

But, to each their own!



New Member
Something that works nicely is using colored Tom Abrahamsson Softies. I have a green softie which tells me the M is loaded with TRI-X (I have three colors, red, green, black). You could set-up a bit of mental color code for yourself.
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if you want to check on Softie colors with Tom.



Active Member
Go with the "Slide".
You can't go wrong unless you neglect to use it.
While you are at it, check out the other items he has. The "Steer" makes one-finger focusing on the 90 F2, the 75 F1.4 and the always useful Noctilux.