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I just uploaded some photos


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I just uploaded five photos taken with my SD14 of some of my Horses. These ware all taken yesterday, October 25, 2008, when I saw that they were close to the house, the light was right, and I had my SD14 ready.

I've uploaded them to my album on the webshots site:


I use webshots over the CI Gallery simply because webshots has no limit on image size or disk space used, they just go by a count of stills and videos

All of these photos were converted from 2640 x 1760 RAW X3F into JPG with IrfanView. The results were indistinguishable on my monitor when refreshing my view between the X3F and JPG files.

By the way, the image names on the webshots album are direct from the SD14, and will show just how new this great camera is to me. :proud:


Dear Steaphany,

sorry, but we do not allow links to images or copy/paste image into the forum. The reason is, that after a while the links are broken and all discussions about images are worthless.

We want to have meaningful discussions within our forums also for new users in i.e. 3 months from now. This is only possible, if we have the images here uploaded on our forum server without external links.

Therefore all images for image discussions have to be uploaded directly here in the forum on our server. We delete all other links to images. The same counts for for links to the images on our CI gallery.

Thanks for your understanding in advance

Best wishes



do not worry about this. This is nothing "bad". We just have to inform why we delete links like that, so people understand the thinking behind it.

We do not want to appear mean, when we delete something ;)

Feel free to upload as many photos as you want to here directly

Best wishes


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Here are the scaled photos


  • SDIM0051s.jpg
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  • SDIM0052s.jpg
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  • SDIM0049s.jpg
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  • SDIM0050s.jpg
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Very nice images...


Very nice shots...I like # 1 & 3 the most....your contrast is very good...and the shots are very clean...and beautiful horse...

Tony C.

PS would love to see more...