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If it goes wrong you might as well bin it now


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Seems Contax repairs may now be very questionable. My D28/2.8MM broke, the iris jammed open. Local dealer got an independent repair to inspect it, but they couldn’t fix it, some plastic part had snapped inside.
So it was went to Kyocera/Contax UK, Who couldn’t do anything and un-requested by me or the dealer sent it to Germany, (Contax ?). In the meantime Contax repairs were being arranged to be out sourced to a new company. I got a verbal report back apologising for the delay, about 2 months, and that it would be done for postage cost only as compensation…. A result ?… er NO !!
One month further on I’m now told the lens would cost about £500 to repair…. They only cost £300 new !!!!! ….
How difficult can it be for Contax/Zeiss to replace a broken piece of plastic, and then want to charge nearly double the cost of the lens and take 3 months about it !!!
So I’m hacked off a Zeiss lens breaks… and now can’t be repaired, it’s on it’s way back apparently, in bits maybe ????
I’ve since bought a used D25/2.8 AE, as I wanted something a bit wider.


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Shocking and very worrying if we cannot have our beloved lenses and cameras repaired properly.
I wonder why they decided to charge when at first they said it would be done for postage cost only? I would pursue that especially if you have it in writing.
Have you seen the information about repairs Kyocera has posted on its web site? - link attached
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> I don't know if it helps at all, but I just had the same problem repaired on my 28/2.8 Distagon within the last month at Camera Repair Dot Com in New Jersey. The cost was $60 US and the lens was gone for a little over two weeks. Wish you luck getting your lens repaired. >