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If you have two G2 cameras....

I'd like you to compare the brightness of their displays - those in the viewfinder that illuminate to show the distance scale and shutter speed.
Using the serial numbers to describe the two I own, a few months ago I bought 055XXX (+ 45 and 21mm lenses), and liked it so much that not long afterwards bought 069XXX as a back-up - or so that I wouldn't have to keep changing lenses all the time :) . Both are in excellent condition and have already proved their worth in providing excellent results from the first couple of films run through them.
However I am somewhat concerned that the display in 069 is very noticeably less bright (though perfectly useable)than the one in 055. I would have supposed that if either display were dim, it would be the older camera affected. Both have new CR2 Lithium Photo-power batteries fitted, so that can't be the cause; consequently I'm wondering whether Kyocera changed the display at some stage, or maybe one of them is just an isolated example.