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Ilford appears to be out of the woods At least in B&W


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It appears that Ilford got out of receivership. At least for now. And it seems that at the moment this is only related to their Black & White products, which makes me a little worried about the future of Ilfochrome Classic (aka Cibachrome). I certainly want to see Ilfochrome Classic remaining on the market.

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I just spoke to Ilford Photo (as they're now known) and they say that they are still getting Ilfochrome (nee Cibachrome) materials but the flow is slow at the moment (Ilfochrome is made in Switzerland not in the UK). There are no problems with paper but the chemicals are a struggle. I was told that Ilfochrome will continue to be manufactured and there are no plans to discontinue it. As far as they know....


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That's good news. Ilfochrome is the best material to make color prints on, so it would be a pity if it disappears.