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imac 24" anyone? colour calibration


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Hi just got an imac 24", before that i used a toshiba laptop which i calibrate with an Xrite thing... i really never trusted the toshiba but the results were quiet ok

now i ran the Xrite through the imac and didn't like the results,

anyone has any experience with these machines?

shall i just leave it with its default profile? they are very nice screens with great colour the way they come.


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hi- i have the imac; I found the best way was to leave it as it is; I tried to calibrate it, but it does not work; I also have a large desk top Mac, with a 22 screen- this i calibrate every month, but it is totally different to the Imac.
As I use both equally, I don't have aproblem with the Imac as is- The results are good from either. Hope this helps.


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Suggest you download SHADES to bring the luminance level to the right level.

I've used my Gretag Eye One on several friends iMacs and the only problem I've had on any of them is the brightness. SHADES sorts it and is free ware.


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got shades and its great. i'm loving the mac operative system, everything is the way it should be...

what you mean by the right luminance level? at the moment im using shades for web browsing etc, but for serious photo editing i switch it off...

now whats the original default profile? it seems i've lost it. is it the one called 'imac' ?

thanks a lot


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Part of your screen calibration is to make sure that the luminance level, screen brightness, is set right to ensure that what you see, is what you get in terms of lights and darks.

What my friends have experienced is that when calibrating their iMacs with the Gretag Macbeth, the brightness can't be reduced sufficiently to bring the screen to the right level. That's where Shade from

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comes in as it allows further reduction beyond the standard screen control. Set correctly, the iMacs I've worked with have Shades adjusted to about 75%. It's meant to be a permanent change, not discarded for individual applications. The main use for it is with image processing software PShop and PHOCUS. Matters not at all for the web.

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I also use a 24" Imac and a Toshiba Qosmio 17" laptop when on the road.

It's a fact that the Mac native gamma of 1.8 is wrong and a re-setting to 2.2 (internet standard) is a priority.

For calibration I use the Spyder 2 instrument and have been very happy on both machines.

The Imac default settings may look nice but they are inaccurate.