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Imacon 132c


New Member
Anyone tried the 22MP Ixpress 132c from Imacon on their 6008 ?

All I can say is nice... real nice. I'm basing this on an afternoon demo with my local dealer. I will not be tempted to buy untill the 6X6 full frame digital backs start rolling out in 3-4 years.


Where have you seen the 3020 for $3k? I am very interested in a digital back for a 6008. I am a digital convert and my Rollei, a beautiful instrument, sits neglected because of the high cost of 120 processing here in Finland.


Me too. I'm sitting on an older 6003, and a fewe lenses ($...) and am left scanning negs instead. Any thoughts on what kind of backs would work, even if it means going to a newer 6008? I just don't want to give up the Rollei system.


New Member
All I can say is: You gotta love it!
The Ixpress 132 by Imacon is waaay cool and while the "I'm waiting for the full 6x6 format CCDs to come out" argument may be valid in wide-angle terms, the image quality of these backs is simply stunning. To me, film really IS a four-letter word
I have my love for my Rollei 6008 rekindled.