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IMACON Scanner 848 for sale


New Member
Hi Ive got my scanner with all masks, asking 10grand,cost me 23, from new. always serviced at proscan in Sydney..dont really want to get rid of it but need cash.If you know what this scanner does then you will want it..Im not a tech..only a shooter so dont ask about Dmax from me.i only make pics.
contact me by email,ive worn out the 6x17 mask,so will need another,but have all other masks.. works dramas,and not very negotiable.
have pics so will email them for genuine interest, thanks


New Member

well maybe i will just give it away..I know things are often cheap in UK,and you obviously need to express your ego and great knowledge of world market values but if your not interested in it dont bother to contact me.maybe just go sell your kidney.but im not sure what the market value would be for yours.

Ed Bray

Well-Known Member
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Nice attitude, I thought it was a great price for such a sought after bit of kit although any interest I did have has now evaporated after your reply.

Looks like you only joined the forum to advertise your kit for sale. Good luck with the sale, with an attitude like yours you may well need it.