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Image from 1993

Ed Bray

Well-Known Member
This image was taken in 1993 at my Sister in law's wedding, the 2 young girls are my Daughters and they now have children of their own, but it doesn't seem that dated really.

Taken on my main camera at the time a 500CM with 80mm Planar on Fuji NSP160. Just thought you may like to see it.


Ed Bray

Well-Known Member
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Thanks, that was one of my trademark images when I was a pro and one of the most requested, I would think that type of image got me more work than any other.

I often did something similar at most of my weddings along with a few other 'off the wall' images which were completely different from the usual regimented images from Wedding photographers at the time although I did still take all the usual groups and portraits that was the norm.

Usual package was 5 rolls of NSP160 (60 shots) and 30 images selected from them for the album. Had to make each shot count, not like Wedding Pros now who shoot hundreds if not thousands of images.
Yes it did,but still not with the first post.It was worth the wait,so many thanks indeed! I love the picture.Well done.