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Image uniqueness


Active Member
I have been comparing images from my SD14 and my Olympus Pen camera to see if I can determine what it is that makes the Sigma images look so unique. I have concluded that it is the fact that the Foveon images have very low luminance noise and sharp edges.
Maybe there is something else going on but I can’t figure it out.

I don’t understand why Sigma gets slammed for calling this a 14 mega pixel camera. The math says it is 14 and the images look better than my 12 mega pixel camera.

A friend of mine brought over his new Nikon D90 and I would have to say the images look darned good but not quite like the Sigma. Maybe I expect images to look better than real life.


Well-Known Member
Taz....I like the Sigma...because of the three layers...colors come-out better...and images seem to pop especially after editing them...I have owned Nikon/Sony/Sigma/Olympus...and have rested on using Sony/Sigma...Sony only because of the 24 meg-pixel a900 and images look really nice...thru the old Minolta AF lenses...but I love my SD14...

Hey everybody has to be a critic...but I like to is the person behind the camera...that makes the difference...and the camera will only help you bring across your image...I have seen some shots taken with old 4 and 6 meg dslr's....and they still blow away anything taken with 12 to 24 meg cameras....

***& As A Side Note***
I love the look on people's face when they see me shooting with an SD14...I always get laughed at...then they see the images and always say that came out of that camera....and I smile and say ya...(don't judge until you have tried it...)...

Sorry so long my two cents.....Tony C.