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How can I download my fotos on to my Mac in tiff format instead of jpeg?


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Checking the specifications for CP2000, there is no TIFF options like on higher end cameras. You only can shoot JPEG in a choice of Fine, Normal and Basic.

Fine JPEG yields very high quality, and I suggest that is where you should set the camera. With my CP5000, that is my setting in almost all cases. I have tested TIFF against Fine JPEGs and can see no difference in large prints.

Of course, you can always resave JPEG images as TIFF once they are on the Mac's hard drive, but you will gain nothing and lose drive space.

The exception is if you plan to process them repeatedly. Open the JPEG, do your processing and use "Save As..." and select TIFF as the file format. Now you can open, process and save repeatedly with no loss.

If you don't plan to reprocess repeatedly, saving them as a high quality JPEG is fine. Keep the image files as they come from the camera, and always work on a duplicate image.