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Impressions from print outs at PMA



found on the website of Marcel Reichmann:

Nikon had its new just-about-to-ship flagship camera, the D2X at the booth, and also were displaying numerous large (20"X24") and bigger prints. Frankly, they were stunning! This is the best image quality I've yet seen from a Nikon DSLR, and is superior to what I was expecting, given the high pixel count and small pixel size of this new 12.4MP chip from Sony.


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I actually got to shoot a bit with the D2X at MacWorld in SF last month and the camera is nothing short of incredible. I know it still trails the Canon in overall MPs but it is one nicely implemented piece of equipment.

I especially thought the option of dropping down to 6.7 meg shooting wa interesting. It puts "crop marks" in the viewfinder, reminding me of shooting with my Leica M7.

Overall, beautiful camera. Not a horrid price either, considering.