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Does anyone have any information on the 4300? Pros/Cons over the 885? How about it's Manual mode abilities? Durability to impact, moisture, etc.? Battery life? Sorry for all the inquiries, I'm new to digital.


New Member
i'm very impressed by the quality of digital shots i've gotten with my new coolpix 4300. the nikon offers much more versatility than most other similarly priced cameras. there's a bit of a learning curve in mastering the manual mode choices, but it's worth it. by the way, this is my first digital camera - i had been using a 35mm slr, although i'd borrowed my SOs digital recently. battery life is adequate - if i were planning on a long day of shooting, i'd probably bring a backup battery. again, the 4 megapixel resolution is wonderful - lots of my shots have ended up as screensavers around the house. even without ttl, the viewfinder is good in bright light. (i still feel more comfortable composing a shot through the lens) in all, thumbs up for the coolpix 4300.