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Indoor church light


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I took my SD14 into Saint Eustache in Paris. Many pleasant surprises.

#1) ISO 50 with 18-50mm EX macro (@31mm) 10 seconds at f22.
I clamped the camera to a chair and used the sigma cable release. I was there during organ practice, and every time the organist hit a low note, I felt vibrations through the stone floor. Didn't seem to affect the focus, though. (Shooting for the ribs, not the windows):


#2) This is a VERY dark chapel and to the eye, it looks like there is very little color that isn't caked in smoke. Clamped the camera to a chair and only 2.5 seconds revealed more color and brilliance than I imagined possible! Same as above (@18mm):


#3) Then I thought I'd try some handheld shots at ISO 800:

F5.6 1/60s @18mm

I used Photoshop>Despeckle to clean up the little bit of noise in the shadows, then slight Unsharp Mask to bring back the edges. The lighting feels just right to me.



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Thanks for the comments. I shoot in aperture priority mode with 8-segment metering and I let the camera do the work. I shot some with an EV of +.7, but in the end the straight exposure worked just fine. (I forgot to mention that #2 was at F5.6)

rib vaulting is very similar indeed !

like your photos a lot (shouldn't : gives me ideas, and a SD15 wouldn't be sensible at the moment :) )
was in les Halles 3 weeks ago, but neglected to visit Saint Eustache : will do next time : light looks very interesting...