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Infinity on Zeiss 85/2.8 Lens


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I recently acquired a new CZ 85/2.8 lens. I would have preferred the 1.4 but funds always seem to be an issue and I wanted a prime in this space. The lens was is terrific shape: no dust, blades look great, mount is solid with no play, etc. I was outside taking my first shots and noted that infinity is not quite infinity. That seems to be what the focusing screen is telling me. I almost get there but its just a hair off from being exact. It is NOT focusing past infinity. Does anyone know if this is normal for this lens. I'm sure that theres no performance penalty at any high f stop. Any knowledge on this out there?

As usual, thanks.



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This is a simple one - the problems come when you have a CZ zoom lens where you want the focus to be constant irrespective of focal length. All that needs to be done (preferably by a professional) is to have the focus barrel adjusted. There are one or more screws under the rubber sleeve which loosen the barrel and then it can be moved. The only downside is that the rubber sleeve can sometimes be slightly stretched during this procedure. It should not cost more than about $20 to get this done for a non-zoom. The same job on a zoom is more difficult and can cost up to $50. Wilson


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Hi Joe,

If you are certain that you have no problem with the camera body (or your eyes!) with another longish lens, then Wilson's advice is one worth following.

I had an RTS II that showed similar problems until I remembered that I had recently changed the viewfinder screen. I adjusted the seating of the screen and everything was OK again. I have heard of users who had the mirror adjusted. They wondered why the shots were sharp on the film but not crisp in the viewfinder.

Finally, I think my first Contax with diopter adjustment builtin was an ST. I found that made viewing that much more comfortable than the preceeding 167MT and made me realise that my "perfect vision" was suffering from age!

Simple tests could eliminate my alternatives and lead you back to Wilson's solution.

Cheers, Bob.



I gather you have this problem with your 85/2.8,and one body. I've recently moved to Contax... 2 167s, an RTS, and 5 lenses. An 85 2.8 among them. Never had the problem you describe....BUT a few years ago I did have a similar problem with a new Nikon body that failed with some lenses but not all.. The camera body was at fault.