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Inherited A RTS II + Several Lenses & Accessories

Jordy Pope

New Member
Hi, i recently inherited what i believe to be a "Contax RTS II Quartz". With it i have 5 Lenses, 4 contax i think, and 1 Tamron? 60-300mm. Also a flash unit, what im guessing to be a battery extension? (it fits onto bottom with a handle on it, sorry i know nothing about it!!) A 'Yashica' Slide Copier, Yacshica Auto Extension Bellow and Yashica Focusing rail and Various films, filters, dials, readers etc. Just wondering if anyone could help me out with a bit of info on this if any? rough prices and any general info :) thanks



Active Member
The battery extension sounds like a motor drive, which winds the film on for you. The contax lenses tend to sell for a decent price in good condition. It very much depends on the condition, and which lens it is. ditto with the camera body. They are a nice camera body.