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Integration of the Hasselblad User Forum finished...


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Dear members,

we approach the end of the migration of the Hasselblad User Forum ( into the Forum.

The redirects are not yet finished and some more features will be added over the next days. But 95% of the work is done. This took us 3 full days and we hope that there are no bugs left.

All postings, usernames and passwords have been imported into the new CI-Forum. So you do not have to do anything to have access afterwards.

Hasselblad has its own section with the CI-Forum. Same as all the other brands. The advantage is, that you do not have to switch URLs/websites to be able to talk about all your gear that you are using. But you can still concentrate on the brands you are using at the moment the most. Even in the future, in case you are planning to switch brands :)

Please have also a look at our new gallery. The Review section has to be updated over the time by you, the users.

As always, in case you have questions or find a bug, please post this in the section for the FAQ:

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Your and Team