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Interview with Zeiss is still not approved



The questions I sent to Dr. Nasse at Zeiss have been answered immediately, but are still not approved by Zeiss. We are still waiting for this. I am sorry that this takes so long, but we can do nothing about it.



the Zeiss Interview ist now approved in German and published on the German Camera-info page:

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It will be now translated into English, approved again and then published in the English Portal.

This will still take a few days, sorry for the delay. The interview was held with Dr. Nasse (lens design) and Mr. Müller (Marketing Manager). We worked with both together over the last couple of years.

Just a quick summary. (Obviously I am not allowed to publish in English full translation as long as it is not yet approved):

ZA and ZF lenses are in some areas better in image quality then the Contax RTS lenses and sometimes even better than N-lenses.

More lenses are planned (both ZA and ZF) but can not be announced yet. For ZA zooms and FFL, for ZF probably only FFL.

All lens proposals depend on the approval of Sony in case of ZA lenses. This means, that Sony will decide, what will be offered (similar to Kyovera deal).

For the ZF lenses (Nikon), Zeiss seems to decide themselves, since no patent is involved.

No adapter for N-lenses

There will be MTF data for all lenses available. All lenses are Zeiss design and controlled by Zeiss (same as with Kyocera and Zeiss Ikon)

@ Marc

they want to bring a 35/1.4 for the Sony system. But Sony has to order it. If Sony is not interested (I think they should), it will not come.


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Thanks Dirk. It will be interesting to see further developments.

The likelihood of my securing yet another DSLR system is slim to none ... even if it is Zeiss equipped. But you never know.

As it stands, I continue to use Zeiss glass on my 500 and 200 series Hasselblads, and have secured a Zeiss 28/2.8 M mount for use on a MP3 Leica. No report on this verses the Leica version yet. If it does well I may look into a Zeiss 21mm for the M also. The soon to be launched Leica M digital makes investments in M mount glass more viable.