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Introduction and k100d len question


New Member

before i go on with the question let me just intoduce myself. My name is Bruno and im living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada but i was born in Lisboa, Portugal but i've lived here in toronto since i was 7.... and im 24 now... anyways... my first ever camera that got me into photography was a pentax k1000 that i borrowed from my highschool. I took photography as a filler course but ended up loving it. It was my second love as graphic design and art was my first. Im currently a Graphic Designer and just starting up my own business with 2 other partners.. But photography has always been one of my loves but i've just never gotten around to learning more about it untill now...... and by that i mean i just recently got a pentax k100d for my birthday. Its an amazing camera and from what i've read on it and from my experience with it its just great and perfect for my currentt needs.

Now to the question..... the camera came with a pentax 18-55mm lens.... its great... but i want something that can zoom out farther... mainly for wildlife photography.. and i also want something that zooms in closer to objects... for extreme close up macro pictures.....

i was wondering what kinda len/lenses you would recommend for a beginner. I don't want something too expensive but somethign that will suffice for what i need.

any help would be greatly appreciated..


New Member
You might look for a Pentax FA 80-320/4.5-5.6 zoom. It's not too bad for an autofocus telephoto zoom.

For macro use you might consider a Tamron 90/2.8 Macro. I haven't used it myself (I have too many other macros), but a lot of people like this lens a lot.