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Inventory Reduction


Active Member
Since adding DJ's ND also added some lenses (and more boxes)as well it looks like I need to make a little space.
For Sale:
Regarding the N1: I have 2 bodies - 1 is the one I use (probably a 9)the other is recently acquired and is brand new. I'll only sell 1 depending on the price difference.
The NX is a backup body which has only had 4-5 rolls shot for testing.
Similarly, the 24-85 and 70-300 I now have 2 of each and both are probably 9+ so 1 has to go.
Money is always ok - trading with a 400 f4 owner is better.
DJ - this is all your fault. The ND's beautiful with CS2. What a difference from 3 years ago !!


Everything is boxed,carded etc.