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IPhoto support 20D



I tried to download pics from my 20D onto iPhoto and it would not recognize the camera. Anyone else had this experience????


I had the same problem. It took me a long time to download pictures from 20D to my computer directly. Good news is, when I bought the Lexar Firewire flash reader, iPhoto recognized it and downloaded it FAST! Hope this helps:)


Same with my 20D, iPhoto won't recognise I juste use an card reader!
Also, is any of Canon software that comes with the 20D box capable of tranferring images directly from the camera?


New Member
Windows or Mac OS will automatically accept a card in any cardreader and you can use it like any disk -- it is simply data storage.

However, when you connect the camera to the computer it is an electronic device and drivers are required to enable the operating system to communicate with it. Whatever camera you buy, all the software comes with it -- you just need to install the drivers (if not the applications), by following the instructions.



Windows XP has a built-in camera/scanner wizard. It will recognize most USB devices, including digital cameras and card readers, and download the images to the folder of your choice. With newer cameras, say the last 2-3 years, no drivers are required. Sometimes the card reader is faster, so this is a good way to go. Also, since it acts like a disk drive, you can use Windows Explorer to copy the files selectivly.