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IProblems With 1224mm Nikon Lens



I just bought an Nikon 12-24mm lens. Outside this lens performs the greatest. Indoors with flash is my problem. All pictures turn out dark like the flash is not working. I have a SB-80DX flash with a D100 camera. I tried to set the camera t o(A) and up the Main Command dial f-stop but could not fig this out. I still got no changes. Could anyone please explain to me how to get good pictures indoors with this flash and lens. Thanks you guys and gals are get in helping us starters outers out. Thanks in advance Tom.


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12-24mm lens, indoor with SB-80DX flash; I suggest you shoot nothing more than 10 meters or less. Unless you've a lightmeter and all the time in the world to go manual on SB80DX, and of course rock solid tripod, don't waste time trying.

Have you try to shoot with P mode on D100 and leave the SB80DX on TTL-3D or TTL at closer range? And if your zoom head (lens) is less than 20mm, I suggest you pull out the diffuser on your SB80DX and shoot nothing more than 3 meters.

Good luck.


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Is it possible that the problem has to do with the combination of the ultra-wide angle and the relatively poor performance of the D100 for auto-flash? I've seen plenty of commentary on other Nikon lists about how it just isn't so grerat with flash in general (having to do with the irregular and unpredictable reflectivity of the CCD sensor, where the film cameras rely on fairly straightforward known reflection data to achieve good exposure). Anyway, if the weird reflectance of the CCD is a problem with normal and short telephoto lensees, then perhaps the problem is with the wide-angle-ness itself.
You might have to simply go to manual flash mode and use a flashmeter or something...



Speaking of the D100 and flashes, I just got a SB800DX -- Nikon's new replacement of the SB80DX that was recently retired from production.

It comes with a "quick charger" extra (5th) battery chamber that is supposed to attach to the side of the four-battery on-body chamber. Trouble is, I can't figure out how to get the lid off the four-battery chamber on the flash body to make room to slide the extra battery chamber into place. Instructions say "Slide open the battery chamber lid in the direction of the arrow and remove it" with NO instructions as to HOW to remove it. Any suggestions? Does Nikon have a website for consumers' questions?

And by the way: Thank you all for the software recommendations for archive management of photo files! Very helpful and I'm still exploring them.



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