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Irrational move


I've made a few irrational moves in my life. The last one was purchase of ND. Perhaps the camera is a little bit old, perhaps there are more user friendly cameras out there, but... I love ND.
I think I'll have some questions after I play with the camera a little bit longer.


Active Member
Using the ND on RAW, with either ACR 3 or Raw Developer from Iridient, does make for great results. Providing you keep the exposures shortish, the noise is much lower with these raw developers. The conversions to BW are excellent. The dynamic range of the sensor is still excellent. The CCD makes for a good look vs my experience of many cmos. The N lenses are really great too. Using full frame at 17mm with very high quality or at 85/1.4 with shallow dof...not easy for competitors.
So despite the many outdated features (no RAW image review, slow start up, lousy buffer, iso400 max etc)it still can do things which yield excellent - indeed often superior - pictures for many, many types of subject. It remains my favourite every camera, and I expect to use it for as long as it lasts...alongside the upcoming Leica M8 which I am looking forward to!