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Is a Nikon G lens Adapter to Sigma SDI camera available?


New Member
I currently am enjoying the wonderful DP2 Merrill and am seriously thinking about adding a Sigma SDI Merrill to go along with it and use some of the lenses I have.

Is there any way I can adapt my Nikon G or F lenses to the SDI or will I have to fall back on a D600 which is a long way off in second place in my heart?

Thank you.



Well-Known Member
Dff3 -

As far as I know there is not a G-Lens adapter...all my lenses have the F-Stop I can use them...I know of someone that used a straw to control the f-stop but the issue is you can really sratch a lens by doing it...(would not recomend it)...

Luis - w/Sigma Cum-Laude would be the one to talk to about doing this...

Good Luck and happy shooting....Tony C. :z04_cowboy: