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Is anyone familure with either of these RF Remotes ?


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I was looking on ebay for SD14 accessories and I found a couple RF remotes with features that I have not seen from Sigma.

Unlike the Sigma RS-31 IR Wireless and CR-21 Cabled remotes, both of which simply perform a shutter release function and provide no means to trigger the SD14 to focus and set the exposure, both of these RF remotes handle everything.

Luckily, one of the ebay sellers included a photo of the remote in it's original packaging which revealed the manufacturers web site URL:

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and here is the ebay listing:

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The second RF Remote's ebay listing is:

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Apart from the differences in price, 15 m versus 100 m transmit range, and one offering 16 channels, both seem comparable.

Is anyone familiar or experienced with either of these and how has it worked out for you ?


Hi Steaphany,
although I have no experiance with the mentioned Remote Controls
to me it looks that they only perform the functions as the normal cablerelease does.
You only get the halfpress and fullpress functon e.g. focusing and release.
There is no control of exposure or anything else.
The amount of RF-channels is a minor feature and only needed when working
with two or more sets at the same location to avoid interference and malfunctions.


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Why did Sigma skimp on their Remote designs

I agree Uwe and I'm not looking for anything other than a remote equivalent to the SD14's manual "Half Shutter Press" to trigger the SD14 to focus and, depending upon mode, determine the exposure and "Full Shutter Press" which triggers the SD14 to take the photo.

The two referenced Sigma remotes only offer a "Full Shutter Press", nothing more. The "Half Shutter Press" functionality is not available through the Sigma remotes and must be performed physically at the camera for each and every photo taken.

Both of these RF remotes deliver the "Half Shutter Press" and "Full Shutter Press" functions.


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I decided to go with the Korean RFN3 RF remote from SM Development. Factors that biased my decision were:

  • A 30 meter range was sufficient for my needs.
  • The ability of supporting 16 channels, loosely, reflects a more sophistication in the design.
  • The ebay seller was located in the US, though I have had little trouble buying from ebay sellers in Hong Kong or China.
  • The ebay seller stated that the remote comes with a 1 year warranty, which so far, I have not needed to utilize.
  • The ebay seller, fotodiox_gear, has a significantly higher rating than the Chinese seller, 53039 versus 1429

Some points where my experience with the RFN3 can be beneficial to others here:

  • The RFN3 receiver does not need to be powered when used as a cabled shutter release.
  • Even though the RFN3 receiver is described as having a ~1 meter (3 foot) cable, it is coiled with a natural and untensioned length of 18 cm (7 Inches). I have found the length sufficient when the receiver is mounted on the SD14's hot shoe.
  • I have used it for astrophotography, but have not experimented to see what it's actual range is.
  • The manufacturer's documentation stated that it conforms to CE regulations.
  • The operating frequency is 433 MHz
  • Batteries are included, though to change the battery in the transmitter, a small screw driver is needed to open the case.
  • My only gripe so far is the blue LED power on indicator flashes brightly and when in the dark trying to see and photograph stars in the sky, it throws off my eye's dark adaptation.
  • For those with other camera models, the RFN3 is compatible with selected Canon, Pentax, Contax, and Samsung cameras as well as Sigma's SD9, SD10, and SD14.
The only idiosyncrasy is that my SD14 performs a focus operation when I depress the transmitter's shutter release button fully. This has not been a problem with my use so far.


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Very useful piece of gear and thanks for the links! I personally am not a big fan of the Sigma Wireless remote as its an Infra Red design and this requires line of sight between the transmitter and the receiver...which for me limits the way in which i can utilize a wireless device. The range is quite limited, i need to be in front of the camera...and i need to figure out from what angles the remote will trigger :(

Sigma ought to have incorporated a radio frequency based design as is the case with these remotes that you have radio frequency allows us greater range and Non-directional link between transmitter and receiver = More Freedom! ...just what someone has in mind when opting for a wireless device like this :)

Thanks for the post!