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Is cropping helping or hurting this shot


Well-Known Member

I took this shot a while back and I have not printed it yet. I like the picture, but I am not sure if I should crop it or not. I have tried a couple of versions but I'm not convinced that they are any better than the original.

The original and a couple of crops are here:
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I guess my original concern was that the main subject was too small, but I also like the geometry of the other elements, and cropping them seems to diminish that aspect.

Thoughts? Any critiques on the photo, cropped or no, are welcome as well.

- marc


New Member
For me, the subject becomes Avalon in the tight crop. Without the tight crop Avalon interests me less as the fascinating array of large pushbuttons attract my attention. Even when the tight crop drops some of the array, just enough remains to keep the fascination that Avalon seems to have with them. I like the tight crop.}}


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oops to large post - I will try again


Well-Known Member
Hey Ruben, That is an interesting approach! I would never have thought of that, and I don't know if I can do that in the darkroom :) I do like the balance, though it loses the 'traingulation' that happens as well in the curbing behind Avalon. Still, thanks for the idea!

- marc