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Is CZ 80200mm zoom too large for the Aria and other questions



I am considering getting a Contax Vario-Sonnar 80-200mm zoom to go with my Aria, but am a little hesitant because of the weight and size imbalance beyween the camera and the lens. If anyone has any experience with this combination, I'd love to get your feedback.

Also, how is the VS80-200mm in terms of image quality? Are fixed focal length CZ telephoto lenses (e.g. the 135mm/2.8) visibly superior on an 8x10? Is the speed (f/4) a problem for users?

And lastly, are there any non-CZ C/Y mount zooms that come close to Zeiss quality in the 80mm up to 300mm range?

Many thanks for your input.



I use the VS 80-200 on my Aria, and I can confirm that it is very comfortable and stable to use. The VS 80-200 does not have a large diameter, and with the lens barrel in one's left hand, and the Aria in the right hand, it is very well balanced and easy to use.

Image quality of the 80-200 is impeccable. Personally, I see no advantage in primes in terms of image quality. Only faster maximum apertures would be the advantage of primes.

As for the maximum aperture of f/4, it depends on the subjects that you photograph and the lighting conditions under which you photograph.

If you look at the photos in the "Contax Club" yearbooks, there are many beautiful images created with the VS 80-200.



I have owned the CY Ziess 80-200/4 MM for a few years now and consider it to be an excellent lens. At 8x10 I do not think you will notice any difference compared with fixed focal length lenses. It has wonderful colour balance and excellent sharpness and also has a useful close-focus. I find it rather light to carry although I understand your concerns regarding the light-weight Aria. I cannot comment on the balance as my bodies are older and heavier. As for alternatives, the only lens I would recommend is the manual focus adaptall Tamron SP 80-300, f3.8-5.6 I think. WHile the apertures are smaller, the quality is good and it is excellent value for money. Try and find a second hand one at a dealer and take some test shots to make your own evaluation. Regards,