Is possible use cheap radio trigger with an Hasselblad 500 C/M?

I speak for example as these brands:
Cactus V5

Or exist different cheap alternative for obtain the same thing?

Olof B

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In which way?
To set of a flash or to fire the camera?

For the first option I would say no problem, just connect the radiotrigger to the PC-terminal on the lens in the normal way you connect the flash.

I have not seen any radio triggers that are able to interact with a normal cable release, i.e. having a motor of some kind.
But they should be able to fire of a EL-body, with some hot-wiring.
Just for clarification i haven't this camera but i'm asking questions about it because for price/performance seem nice.
Thanks to your indications now i known that is possible at least for a remote command of the flash. :)

The possibilities to fire the camera using a radio trigger is implemented only on some trigger, time ago i see a video on youtube:
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After you see that video do you think is eventually possible even make a remote fire of the camera?
Or the
[FONT=&quot] N3 Plug isn't standard?[/FONT]
Now i have made some search and i don't see any:
Cactus V5 Shutter Cable for Hasselblad
or any other MF camera.

However i find a very cheap:
Remote Cable Shutter Release for Hasselblad 500 c/m
from ebay USA
and the seller said that is compatible with every
manual cameras with a standard cable release socket.

But on this
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on that radio trigger was said:

Since the remote port on cameras is proprietary and not standard, you will need to order the correct cable for your camera make and model, if it is available.
so that means that previously, on manual camera, was present a standard while now, during digital camera, every model is different?


Olof B

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The 500 C/M is a fully manual camera and can not be triggered by some electronic feature.
You need to have some kind of motor to create the linear motion to push in the plunger of a manual cable release.
I have not seen any kind of this machinery.

If you are out for a Hasselblad that can be remotely triggered I would suggest a 533ELX. A motorized body which runs on normal AA batteries. (or a EL/M with a 9-volt battery adaptor)
The motorized bodies can be triggered by shorting pin 1 and 3 in the side socket.
And I think that can be achieved by the radio triggers now found on the bay, by some adaptive soldering (changing the plug)


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Yes, on the EL series by using pins one and three on the remote socket on the motor. I made a connecter and fixed a 3.5mm socket onto it. Then I plug my yongnuo 602 into it and fire away. Works fine. I can't see an easy way to work it on a C/CM body though.


I'd just like to add that I'd successfully made up a remote release lead, using a "DIN 240 degree 5 pin" connector plug from my local (to UK) supplier order code 809755. (I'd tried posting this a few minutes ago but page crashed, apologies if this is a repeat post)


added: any trigger device that provides the hassy a contact-closure across the two pins will work. The other pins are for charging the nicad packs.

Double Negative

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I don't know offhand what the heck they're called - let's just go with "cheap ass eBay triggers." ;)

But yes - they work just fine with the PC Sync terminals on the lenses.

Of course, you get what you pay for. So occasionally you'll get a missed pop. And distance is not their forté. If you plan to use the setup heavily, over longer distances, etc. it's well worth looking into more pro-level stuff (e.g. PocketWizards, etc.).