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Is the image quality superb when Hasselblad lens

Addressing a couple of concurrent threads here...

I have the Hasselblad branded adapter (it's actually discontinued, but a couple of dealers still have a piece or two around), and have enjoyed using the Hassy 110mm f2 and 250mm f5.6.

Lately though, I've had a real problem with negs overexposing considerably...someone mentioned to me that the adapter might be causing the shutter to stick. Anyone else experience this? With color neg film, I still get somewhat printable negatives, but it's baffling how off the exposure is lately...

As far as the 140mm Contax lens, that's actually a much better lens than I first thought...I thought in the past the 120mm was more than enough for me. But for portraits, the 120mm is really too sharp, and the 140mm is outstanding in the way it renders skin tone, overall color and the out of focus areas. I do wish it focused more closely, but otherwise I love it as a portrait lens for an outstanding system.


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Robert, Does the Hasselblad to C645 adaptor show the focussing assist dot in the viewfinder?
I had no idea it was discontinued


Are there any Hassy lenses with leaf shutters that could be made to work on a C645 giving a faster sync speed? If the sync cord is attached to the lens and if I can lock open the 645 shutter wouldn't this be feasible? Nobody has ever said they've done this but I'm curious.



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Guy, Theoretically I think you could use Hassy leaf shuttered lenses to make available an increased synch. speed.
"Theoretically I think you could use Hassy leaf shuttered lenses to make available an increased synch. speed"

How would you co-ordinate the Hassie leaf shutter to close down, then the Contax mirror and focal plane shutter to open and stay open, then the Hassie leaf shutter to fire, then the Contax mirror and focal plane shutter to close, then the Hassie leaf shutter to cock and re-open, and finally get the Contax body to wind the film on?

The purpose of the Hassie/Contax lens adapter is simply to allow Hassie lenses to be used on a Contax body with the Contax focal plane shutter, not to provide a faster synch speed option, desirable though that is!


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Gary is correct. Use of a leaf shutter Hasselblad lens is available only as a regular lens on the C645. It is entirely a manual operation, requiring you to open the aperture to focus and then manually stopping the aperture down for shooting anything other than a fully open f stop. It is still a nice option if you already own Hasselblad V type lenses because use on a Contax 645 provides some features not available with the Hasselblad 2000 series cameras: higher flash sync(1/125th verses 1/90th), focus confirmation, and in-camera TTL flash meter. I use the Hasselblad 30mm fisheye, 100/3.5 and 180/4 on my C645, thus extending the range of focal lengths for the C645.

My absolute favorite Hasselblad lens on the C645 is the F series 110/2. This is a legendary lens with the creamiest bokeh I yet to see, and it focuses extremely close for a Hasselblad lens... close enough for a full face shot.