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Is there a 3rd party lens collar



Hello all,
Does anyone know if it is possible to add a tripod mount collar to a long lens built without one? Namely, I have the yashica 100-300ML 5.6 and all that glass hanging off the front of the camera is just too much ... I get way too much vibration. I can't really see room to put a collar on this lens, but maybe it is possible? Is there a 3rd party that makes these? Any other ideas? This morning I wedged a second tripod underneath the lens body, softened it with a pair of socks (they were handy don't laugh) and shot that way. It was less than convenient and difficult to focus of course. My subjects do move. Any thoughts? -Lynn


Hi Lynn,

I remember an article in Pop Photo a few years ago about vibrations with long lenses and using mirror lock-up. There was an adjustable arm (Bogen/Manfrotto?) that acted as a brace between a tripod leg and the lens. I think it used a strap but I don't know how that would attach to your lens.

Here is a useful web site:

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Great resource, designed more towards a pro, with plenty of useful information. They may have something which offers better balance but I doubt if there is anything specific for your lens.


Jim Hully Boston, MA



In the UK a company "
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" makes a collar that can be fitted round the lens barrel - I don't know if it is suitable for your lens.



Active Member
Hi Lynn!

Kenko did offer something like this. You could mount both the camera and the lens on it. I saw it once but my camera supplier do not have it any more.

There is another possibility made by Manfrotto/Bogen (excerpt from their homepage (
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) - oh boys, their web-designer must be changed very quick!):

LONG LENS MONOPOD BRACKET Cat. No.: 393 => Bogen code (USA only): 3421 Specifically developed for use of very long lenses with Monopods, but can also be used with tripods. Incorporates the Pro Quick Release Adapter (357)

but this is probably what you are looking for:

TELEPHOTO LENS SUPPORT Cat. No.: 293 => Bogen code (USA only): 3420 Support for medium telephoto lens.The length of the bracket is adjustable to take different length lenses and different diameters by tilting the Tilt Head 234RC (included). Length from head to lens support adjustable from 7.8" to 11.6". Attachments: 4 x 3/8" female and 3 x 1/4" female

I have nothing to do with that brand (except I use a bogen tripod :)) Martin


Jim, Hugh and Martin, Thanks so much for the detailed replies. I'm following up on each idea to see which I can make work. That tripod collar built by srbfilm is fascinating. In fact their whole web site if full of goodies. It certainly pays to ask questions in this group
When I get something working I'll let you all know. -Lynn


New Member
Hi Lynn,

I have the contax 100-300 lens, I also bought the tripod collar for Cannon 70-200/4. This collar is marginally smaller and I had to sent it to a grinding factory to grind off about 1 mm. Now everything fit nicely. Paid about US$70 for the collar n US$40 for the grinding work here in Singapore. The catch is the collar block the focal lenght from 100mm-135mm, so my lens is now a 135-300mm zoom, of cousrse I could remove the collar to regain the 100mm FL. But then again I also have the contax 35-135 zoom.