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Is there a manual available anywhere?


I recently purchased a used RX, and I'd like to find a manual. They just don't seem to exist; I've checked all the usual sources, and I've found only one for $45 or so. Seems a bit extravagant to me. If you know where I might find one to download, or even purchase, I'd be very grateful for some help.



RX Manual


Send me your email address and I'll send you the manual (PDF).

BTW, the RX has absolutely the least mirror bounce of any camera that I have ever used. I have several Contax cameras and the RX is by far my favorite.



(reply emailed)

Many thanks for this.

I just got mine from KEH yesterday. I'm really quite stunned by the lack of sound! It's as quiet as my EOS RT, which has no mirror movement at all. It's also a little disconcerting as I'm used to the door-slamming effect of the EOS 3 firing. After reading various complaints, I don't think I'd be put off by the noise of the ST, my second choice.
I'm brand new to Contax as I just could not pass up a locally owned Rx in perfect condition (with manual and case) for $150.

I've literally just started to shoot with the Rx, and it does have an admirably quiet and soft mirror return. Being a Nikon manual focus user, the only other camera that has a mirror release as smooth is the F4, which has a shutter balancer built-in.