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Is there a new 645 coming out



i've seen various questions out there wondering the same thing any potential buyer would be thinking. i psed the same question to contax and even though they replied:

Thank you for your interest in Contax cameras. Unfortunately, we never
discuss future products. However, this idea has been discussed openly
and I am not aware of any development along these lines. This is not to
say that it will not happen.

Can I ask you? Would you spend more than $4000.00 for a body of this

what can this mean?
are they doing there research?
surely their shaking a little bit now that the hassleblad is going to rock there sales boat a little bit,

or now that hassleblad/ fuji have set the market price for auto 645 cameras maybe thay could be selling theirs for more.,

interested to here some professional views out there.


After seeing the Hasselblad H1 I love my 645 even more. The buttons, like those on the H1 are what drove me away from 35mm. Contax really got the 645 right and save for a few small issues this camera rocks. I believe that Hasselblads move to Fuji lens will drive Contax sales higher. Look what Zeiss lenses did for the Hasselblad V System. I can't wait for 645 digital backs to get better and cheaper. The Contax 645 has no peer in terms of quality and lenses.