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Ithyperfocal distant


hi all, it is time for me to embarrass myself by asking a silly question. I own a couple of Nikon manual focus lenses and am unsure how to set the hyperfocal distance. I know how to do it with lenses that have 2 sets of distance marking but the Nikons only have one. How do I know what is the range of the depth of field?

Thanks and sorry for the silly question.



New Member
The lenses that you have are MF or AF?
If they are MF it;s very easy: simply focus on infinity and rotate the focus ring till he reaches the smalest apertura (f16 or above).


the HF distance is relative to the aperture in use it's different for each f stop. To find out on a manual lens; set the infinity symbol (an8 on it side) against the mark for the aperture you wish to use. On AI lenses they are colour coded to some extent; AIS lenses also have this feature.
when the lens is set in this way the HF distance is opposite the focus mark; the nearest point of acceptable focus will be opposite the near mark which is the same colour as the far mark.

For ex&le on my 50mm lens when set to F16 it shows from infinity down to 2.5meters; whereas at F5.6 it is only down to about 10 meters.

On my AF F90X there is a programme for HF use in the programme mode selection menu use this and rely on Nikon's technology. This is with AFD lenses; I'm not sure what the situation is with earlier AF or late AFS and AFG types