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Japanesemade adapters any good


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Are these adapters selling on ebay for just 86$ any good? Esthetically they look the most attractive with their black/chrome bands. I'm sure they must be better than the Chinese-made ones. But how do they compare to the Zeiss recommended ones sold at Foto-Huppert for double the price? Thanks for any info.


Hello Edward,

It is a case of 'you get what you pay for'. I have 2 C/Y to Olympus 4/3 adapters. One I bought from a shop in New York, made by them, for about $135 if memory serves. It has taken some of the heaviest of lens combinations: Zeiss 300 + Mirotar II and remained solidly in place on the E-1. It also continues to perform flawlessly - lenses slide and lock perfectly, etc. I then bought a cheap version on ebay made in China - after 3 months, the 'stainless steel' ring is showing signs of corrosion, the machining of the screw holes was poor to start with and the assembly has slightly loosened. It arrived here in the UK in double-quick time but I would only use it in emergency and with the lens on a tripod.

On ebay, there is often a series of adapters made by a Japanese company (sorry, I can't remember the name but the listing names them specifically) for Canon EOS, Olympus 4/3 - they have a Buy It Now price typically of $150 or so - they are good.

Kind regards,



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Hi Graham,

I believe the Japanese company you are referring to is Kindai, and you're right, the price is around 150$+. The ones I'm interested in, are also claimed to be in Japan, and the brand manufacturer's name has been very conveniently blurred. Perhaps it's the black color, but they look of good quality in the photos. Not sure if anyone here has used one of these.



May I add to the thread. There is a "new" adapter on Ebay.

It claims are that it adds the missing electronic connection to the Canon EOS bodies.This adapter has an obvious eltical contacts added.

Second, I have read that the "thicker" the adapter the more loss of f-stop setting. Is this true? Is there an ideal "thickness" to the adapter...such a 3mm - 2mm - or ??.

One more concern is some adapters supposedly don't have a "lens Lock" mechanism. Is this valid and should you only purchase with a lens lock?


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I preferred Cirrus, one of the Chinese company.

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I have been using it for several months. It makes a tight fixation with the camera and lenses. I have been using big lenses like C-Y 200 f2 on it with no problem. This adaptor is so good that I brought a second one to use my Leica R lenses on Canon. It is equally good.

Adaptors are not high tech stuffs. I would prefer them to be made in places with low cost labour. Those I brought costed less tha USD40 including shipping. I do not see the point of paying large amount for this kind of products.

The thickness of the adaptor determines the position of the infinity. Adaptors too thick will not be able to focus at infinity.


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The base plate of many of my C-Y lenses are made of brass coated with chromium. They included 60 2.8, 85 1.2, 100 2, 100 2.8 and 200 f2. Adaptors from Cirrus used similar materials.


New Adapters for Canon

There are two auctions with this "electronic" device to simulate
a focus signal to a Canon Body. This info is from the Ebay auction description.

Auction 1: Seller ID - dr.myung auct.# 250037951645
Auction 2: Seller ID - roxsen auct.# 180039970080

I am not related in any way to these sellers. I also have not purchase an adapter yet...stillll researching.


Hi all,

Just remembered from where I got my 4/3 adapter: Cameraquest (
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and click on adapters....) They are well made - on a par with Kindai.

Cheers all and happy hunting,



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Richard, I hope you are not regarding Contax cameras as "Asian crap".

Are you going to withdraw what you wrote or elaborate what you wish to write in a different way ?


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It seems a bit odd Richard that you use phrases like "all the Asian crap we buy from them" and "typical lazy German", and then post on a forum about a German/Japanese camera system. Bizarre.

Anyway, back to the original point of the thread...

Edward, I have one of the black/chrome Japanese adapters you mention (about $85), and whilst it is not quite as sturdy a construction as my Cameraquest one, it is still very well made, tight fitting, and reaches infinity focus where the cheaper Chinese ones do not.

I also have a couple of the AF confirmation chip adapters from happypagehk on eprey
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They offer two different thicknesses for Contax, to ensure infintiy focus can be achieved. You can also buy the AF chip alone to add to your existing adapters.
The AF confirmation is a big help with narrow DOF in dim light, especially useful with my 85mm f1.2 and 28mm f2.


Sir, I think all Asian stuff is crap. I joined this Forum as I am a collector of the older GERMAN Contax cameras that are not crap and Dirk will not remove me from this God Damned forum where he misrepresented what was included in the forum and took my money. Pls tell him to take me off this God Damned Pro Asian Camera Forum. I will continue to use my old GERMAN made Leicas and Contax and Rollei and Voitlander cameras and take better pictures than any of you folks shooting you cheap Asian cameras with cheap Asian glass. And yes I do Drive an Audi and not a rice burner. Pls forward this message to Dirk---no more emails period!!!!!!!!!!!


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Dear Richard,

As has been offered before, please follow this advice.

Log in using your username (Bike50) and your password and then click on E-mail Notification. This will allow you to deselect all the email notifications. If this does not work use your email/spam filters and send all these to the deleted bin.

I am sorry but your attitude is totally unwelcome here, or indeed anywhere for that matter. Germany does not, and has indeed not had the monopoly on quality cameras. As for cheap Asian cameras and glass, get a life please!

When you joined you evidently did not notice that this was a modern Contax camera forum. It seems very obvious to everyone else here that it is so.

In the light that you cannot read a web page (failing eyesight?), how can you say that your pictures are better than anyone else’s here? It would be nice to see one of yours, but maybe they are too good to show others or you charge money for others to see them? Dare you post one or are you afraid of comment? Maybe you don’t have one of those new fangled scanner things? Maybe someone could scan one for you to show us your prowess?

After all that you can then put you computer in a big box and give it away, or sell it. You appear to be unable to interact with people as your attitude to other fellow human beings is despicable. You seem to be severely lacking in social interactive skills and should retire to your Neanderthal Bigots cave and hibernate until you can correct your inadequacies.

Yours Very Sincerely,



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Well said Paul. I may just add that if someone needs to cancel his/her subscription, it's possible to do only by his/herself. Just go to you PayPal account, open last transaction and follow the link with subscription properties. I know, this interface is a little bit messy, but this is the only way. Noone else can do that, and Dirk actually already mentioned that way before.

Now let's get to the subject. Looks like adapter quality does matter. If you follow this link,
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you'll see how test results were screwed because of bad adapter. Well, at least those guys believe so. I personally have that Fotodiox adapter, but I can't compare it with anything else. Can someone here confirm those conclusions made on site? Thank you.


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I am really sorry to see what Richard wrote in this forum.


Can't you see the prejudice you have is a very dangerous kind of thought process. This kind of racial prejudice was the culprit causing the death of millions in the second world war.

It can go this. German cameras take better pictures than any of you folks-->German race is better than any of you--> termination of the rest of you.

Let us go back.

To test the infinity for the adaptors, it is best to use telephoto lenses. The one I am using is C-Y 200 f2. The lens is different from other C-Y lenses that you can focus PASS infinity. I mean you can rotate the focusing ring and rotate to reach and followed by PASSING the infinity. Many telephoto lenses are made in this way to allow for internal changes when there is a change in temperature.

"my Cameraquest one, it is still very well made, tight fitting, and reaches infinity focus where the cheaper Chinese ones do not. "

I am sorry to say I do not agree with this but certainly we are allow to have different opinions in this forum.

My Cirrus Chinese made adaptor allows tight fitting between my 2.67 kg C-Y 200 f2 and Canon. The position of the infinity produced by my Cirrus adaptor is exactly the same when fitting the 200 f2 with my Contax S2b. I am glad with a small fraction of the price you can achieve a result similar to the one produced by cameraquest.


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Interesting: in view of the price difference it's probably worth trying the much cheaper Chinese one first anyway. If it turns out not to suit, not much has been lost.


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I have just purchased a Canon 5D and want to use my Contax 28-85 and my 2.8 series 28, 35, 45, 85, and 135mm lenses as well as my 80-200 zoom.

I have seen adapters from $15 (no thanks) to 250 and more. It is confusing. An Australian fellow is offering a japanese made Orgin adapter for $95US. Elefoto looks OK but its website is very confusing.

Bob Shell, Novoflex, Zoerk, Cameraquest and others have adapters. Any strong recommendations of which ones really work without major problems and ones to stay away from regardless of price.

Many thanks.