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Just bought a Nikon F4s



I have a couple of Contax bodies and CZ lenses and really love them. My first camera ever was a Yashica FX-3 with a CZ 50mm 1.4 lens. However, lately I have been starting to get curious about Nikons. So I bought an F4s and a 50 mm lens and man is that thing sweet. Are there any other Contax users who have any thoughts on the Nikon F-body cameras?
I have been thinking about selling the Contax/Zeiss gear I own and buying a few more Nikkor lenses and a Nikon digital body. The fact that I can switch bodies and use the same lens set is great for me. This interchangeability is not possible with the Contax set up I own.
Any thoughts about the idea of selling off the Contax stuff in favor of a Nikon set up?


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Hello Michael,
I'm sure that must be blasphemy!

Some people in the forum use Canon digital bodies with CZ lenses via an adapter with success. Maybe it is possible to do the same with Nikon bodies which would mean you could still enjoy the benefits of the Zeiss lenses but with digital convenience on a current and evolving system of digital bodies.


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Michael, I've used them all. Contax, Canon, Nikon, etc. Each system has it's merits. Nikons are pretty rugged tools, and there are a few lenses in the system well worth having.

I have to admit lusting for a F6 with just 2 lenses I had once before: the 28/1.4 ASPH. and the 85/1.4. But, the cost of just this little pile of gear is enough to produce a headache. The camera itself is the last Hurrah! of highly capable film cameras. Blindingly fast and accurate almost beyond belief.


Hi Michael,

Funnily enough I came from Nikons to Contax. I had a F4 - it really is an amazing camera - you will love it. The F3HP is a really good camera too. Actually, so is a an F2!! However, the main reason I switched was for the glass. In hindsight I should have just moved over to the 645 and left the N series alone; but I say this only because I think the F6 is amazing. If that didn't exist I think, for me the N's are better overall.

However, if you do move across, you will not regret it - there is so much third-party stuff out there you can have any permutation you want within your kit. And, because Nikon is so committed to their F-mount, you can find so many 2nd hand lenses that work with your current set-up (albeit with certain restrictions). Its not an easy decision - but either way you will end up with some quality kit.

Cheers, Saras


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My first real SLR was the FE, and had used the F2 and FM2 as well. The Nikkor lenses are amazing. I think Nikon lost their edge in the late 90s. I switched to the Contax N1, ND and C645 after I lost my Nikon gears in a trip to Hong Kong. The Zeiss lenses are world class IMO.

But now, my main gear are the Canon dSLRs.