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K100D Battery Choices

I've had my k100 for about a week now; and what really surprised me the most was how the user manual tells you not to use rechargeable CR-V3 batteries with the k100. I think it has something to do with (too much or too little) voltage. So, now i'm wondering how do i maximize battery life? I've decided to stick with NiMH 2100 mAh (just cuz i got plenty of them). From experience, what brand or type of battery do you guys use with the k100? And, which works best.

Thanks. Terry.


New Member
I've found the Sanyo NiMH 2500 to be very good. The highest capacity i've found yet.

Otherwise i've mostly used ebay noname AA NiMH 2500. Which work. But you should alway have a second set. They are probably only 1600 marked up, and with a short life span tend to trip my chargers "this battery is borken/alkaline" light a bit sooner than they should. But they are so cheap it doesn't really matter if you don't mind changing batteries. Can't reccomend them though even if they are the same price as store bought alkalines. The green ones are the worst.

It'd still alway load up the Sanyos if i don't want to carry spares (you can get genuine ones on ebay). Anyone tried the Eneloop?


I have two sets of Duracell 2750 ma and so far I have not had any problems with them - I did experience the low battery warning come on after continuous flash usage but if the camera is switched off and switched back on again after about a minute, everything seems to be fine.

Battery life is about 380 + photos outdoors using a combination of flash when required for fill in plus the autofocus or about three weeks if the camera is not used.

I use the Uniros Sprint 30 minute charger and so far so good
Since my last post, i've been able to kill a fully charged set of Panasonic 2100mAh. It lasted less than 200 shots (with some use of flash in there). I guess there is a huge difference between 2100mAh and 2500 mAh. I use the same set of batteries in my p&s Canon A620 and i can easily take 450-500 shots (with some use of flash in there as well). Why does the Pentax use so much battery? Even when i turn off the lcd review to minimize battery usage, i'm beginning to think that it's not the lcd that uses up the battery; probably the motor in the lens?


Well-Known Member
Have you tried the new Hybrio 2100's from Uniross?
I have them in my old Casio compact and the batteries keep their charge and do not seem to run down at all whereas the normal NIMH ones I had before were flat every time I came to use the camera.