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K100D Firmeware upgrade


New Member
Hi, I'm trying to update the firmware on my camera from V1.00 to V1.02 and not having any luck. have been onto the Australian distributer for Pantax and they were no help at all. I have unzipped the file to a formatted SD card and my camera does nothing after following the instructions in the readme file attached to the download. Has anyone had the same problem and how do I get around it. The only suggestion from the distributer is to send my camera to them and the will load the update file at a cost!!
Regards Bob


New Member

It would be a big help if you'd tell us more about the failure.
I'd suggest you list the exact steps you followed, then let
us know when you had the unexpected result, and what
happened instead.

I did just go through the update myself, and it worked fine
even from a non-empty SD card... so I don't know what
trouble you'd be having from what you've written so far,
unless you're trying to update from an SDHC card (which
will not work).

All the details... that's what tech support and problem
solving are about.


New Member
Problem solved I think

I had forgotten about this thread, but I think the problem with updating the firmware is that my camera K100D SUPER has the updated firmware installed from new as the K100D SUPER are SDHC card ready from the factory and are version 1.0, very confusing. From what I can see is the firmware update from version 1.0 to version 1.02 is so the K100D will work with SDHC cards.
Cheers Bob