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K100D image stabilser

hey guys, i've been using my k100d for about two weeks and it's a great camera. But, i haven't been noticing if the k100d's most advanced feature is working or not; the SR system. Today i spent an hour testing it, (maybe i will post test shots later for you to see). After all, i'm really starting to doubt whether it is even there! haha. how do i know if it is working? how much shake does it reduce? any advice on how i should go about testing it? I will post test shots from any advice.


New Member
Terry, the SR system really does work! I have combined a 100-300 Sigma lens (Kaf) with a 30 year old teleconverter to give a focal length of 600 mm. In 35 mm terms 900 mm.At a shutter speed of 1/250 I got a set of hanheld images that were sharp (within the capability of the lens).
Admittedly I have had 5 to 6 decades of experience in hand holding slow shutter speeds BUT!
There is mixed opinion as to whether to use DR when tripod mounted. My experience has been that if the tripod is a solid semi-pro model ti is irrelevant.
Hend holding, I hold the right hand in the normat manner, but the left hand should be under the barrel of the long lens. The elbows should be tucked in against the body. Hold the camera steady, breathe out and squeeeeze. If you hold too long you will start to wobble.
Ron McDermott
The image inserted was made with 1/160 sec


I noticed a friends special technique with hand held shots.
He supported the 500 mm Carl Zeiss TeleTessar with his left lower arm while he held the camera in his right hand.
He is a short guy with a lot of body mass but never the less this method deserves to be tested:

He took shots of a numberplate on a car about 60 m frm where he stood.
All shots were sharp even without IS!