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K200D with non Pentax lenses


I had planned to use Carl Zeiss lenses with my K200D camera.
Today the adapter to fit these lenses arrived so I tried to get the camera going with my Carl Zeiss lenses.
So far no luck. The body display blinks a capital "F" and refuses all activity.
I cannot release the shutter, non of the functions appear present whatever mode manual, Av or other I choose.

I tried the Pentax helpline but they did not know what to do nor did they over to look this up and call me back.
Their advice to call Carl Zeiss is pure nonsens. This is not a question about lenses.
Several people informed me digital Pentax cameras accept older Pentax lenses that do not have databus contacts to transmit data.
Only thing I need to know is how to fool the camera to to release the shutter preferably in Av mode with metering in stop down mode.


Digital camera with non data bus lenses.

Problem solved!
Thanks to a friend who owns a K10D I was able to find the section in the personal menu that needs to be changed to use non databus lenses.
It is a disappointmentment that this knowledge is not present at Pentax own help line.

The K200D enjoys working with the Hasselblad S-Planar macro lens and gives excellent results.
In automatic mode it uses aperture priority and auto exposure.


K200D with Hasselblad 120 mm S-Planar

Hasselblad German.jpg

Hasselblad book

adams bw.jpg

Ansel Adams leaflet about B/W


My first Hasselblad 1000F from 1955

All pictures except the first taken with K200D and Hasselblad S-Planar lens