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Kami fluid?


New Member
Can we get this in the States?

Or is everyone hell-bent on spending $200 more bucks on the scanscience (albeit looks legitimate) stuff?

Can't I just squirt some of this on and hope for pretty damn good results (vs. super-excellent)?



Well-Known Member
I went to Bay Press Services to get mine. I didn't need to pay exorbanent hazardous liquid shipping price since I picked it up. However, if you don't have a place close by you can have them ship it to you Another place to get it I think is Freestyle photo,

The best thing about Kami fluid is that it doesn't leave any residule and evaporates very, very quickly once you lift it off your mounting glass. It's actually really great stuff, but if you have a plastic mount, such as the one that comes with the Epson V750, you'll find your mounts to disintergrate, so make sure you don't have any fluid seep into the crevices.

Good luck.

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