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Keeping Your M Clean



Started this because I know a lot of people have a lot of ways of maintaining the outside (and inside of their cameras).

What do I use? For the metalwork I use tiny amounts of lighter petrol and soft cloths, because it's a good solvent for the amazing amount of skin crud that builds up on heavily used cameras. It's amaxing what much can be got off a lens barrel with a bit of lighter fluid and a cotton bud or two.
I have read people's recommendations that the vulcanite (on later screw mounts and pre-M4-2 Ms) needs annual oiling to stop it perishing. I have never done this at all and never had an M camera that needed it. All my grippy bits I maintain with a soft cloth d&ened with a very weak detergent solution.
Inside the camera I clean with a very soft watercolour-type paintbrush and a blower - but not canned air. Had a Nikon F2 jam on a job once because of a bit of film debris blown into the works by compressed air. Scared me off.
And every now and then I find a camera that needs the shutter box blacking touching up. Matt black model paint comes in handy there. HOW DO people make such a mess of the paint in there?

An what do you use to clean lenses? I use breath and a microfibre cloth from my optician. Never fails. But there are proprietories out there....