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Kenko extention tubes set for YC Does it work properly




I want to buy extention tubes for my D28, P50 and
S135. They are packed in box as 12mm,20mm and 36mm. Contax extention set is too expensive for me.

Anybody used Kenko tubes with these lenses ?

How about vigneting ? How are they mechanicaly ?



Hello, Yuri,

I believe all non-Contax and non-Yashica extention tubes for Y/C mount were made by Kenko (incl. Kenko, Soligor, etc.) and do not have essential differences. I have a set branded 'Telesor'. It works fine with my Yashica FX3, P 50/1.7, and S 85/2.8. No vignetting. The bayonets are a bit too stiff, without causing problems. The mechanical AE - connection IMHO can easily be demaged, so it is the first thing to check when buying a used s&le.

Regards, Sergei