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Kit for developing colour negatives


I've just purchased a second hand Jobo processor
and decided to try developing my own negatives- which brand of chemicals kit would you recommend for an absolute beginner? Tetenal, Beseler, Kodak?
Please advise- for all responders, anticipated thanks.



Hello Andrei
I've used the patterson photocolor c-41 kit, one liter developer, one liter blix (bleach-fix combo)
It's diluted 1 part chemical to 2 parts water. The temperature is suposed to be critical, Don't realy know since I always warm the developer solution to 102 (checked with a regular digital fever thermometer). After development, with MY tanks the solution is around 98.5...
Fairly frequent agitation, every 15 sec or so turned upsidedown and back, kept in a sink full of 105 water when not being out for agitation....
The development time varies as to the film, where it was shot and what I rated it as. That you had best determine for each film you use. Shoot a roll, consistant light, cut it to four or 6 frame lengths and develop each one bracketing your time.
Standard no push time is 3:15, try 2:45,3:15,3:45,and 4:15. You'll see the difference, one should be quite usable.
The kick is in the consistancy, keep the variables to a minimum, that being time, temp,agitation frequency and developer potency. Paterson advises that you can reuse the developer solution with an increase in development time, I'd stay away from that concept, perhaps as you get consistant results you may try it, however.....
The blix is much more forgiving regarding time and temp, basically room temp or better and follow the recommendations on the bottle. I use the same blix five times increasing the tank time accordingly. Wash is equally forgiving.

That being said, I stopped using patterson developer after a couple of ruined rolls of film. The stuff has a short lifespan after you open the bottle. Opened, used 200ml, capped the bottle, refrigerated it, and two weeks later it was shot, along with the roll of film i used it to develop (totally blank)
Tried decanting it to an IV bag (no air) still went bad after maybe 6 weeks. That along with rather inconsistant development likely due to the solution getting prorgessively weaker.

Using the Bill Lunt formula now....
The dry chemicals seem to last forever, or at least the four months I've had them so far, with only total consistancy.

Perhaps you may have better results with the premixed developer than I did, if you use it all when first opened, I imagine you would be all right..