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Kodak Gold ISO 200 Vs Kodak Gold ISO 400


New Member
I have a minolta Maxxum 5 series camera with 28-80 Minolta lense. In one of my trials I used Kodak 400 film and almost all of my shots were over-exposed, where as during the same time I used Kodak 200 film and the shots came with brilliant results(In both the cases camera was was on automatic mode fully).
My film developer was saying that Kodak 400 film has this problem.
But can anybody tell me how come my camera didn't change the exposure and/or shutter speed if the speedy film was used?


When you put Kodak 400 film into camera, check ISO settings on your Minolta. Sometimes DX code doesn't switch automatically from xxx to 400, so you have to switch it manually.
(It's not Minolta's bug, it's feature ;-)), also on my 700si and 7xi).
It will help against overexposing your film.