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Kolob Canyon


Well-Known Member
Hey Jesse...Nice shots...Love the second one with the landscape and sky...

Tony C.


Well-Known Member
I like them all.
I see 18mm focal length in the EXIF data, did you use the kit lens?.
Very good results, then...



Well-Known Member
These were all taken with the Sigma 18-50mm EX Macro. I've been very happy with this lens, and especially for taking in the vast panoramas that a canyon like this offers.

I've only recently realized that there are many other advantages to a wide lens in addition to squeezing more into a frame. I need to do more to explore the kinds of unique vantage points that this lens allows. I didn't really exploit that here, but maybe in some future shots, I'll experiment some more. Meanwhile, I'm open to suggestions.



New Member
Nice shots, expecially the second one; I own a 18-50 2.8 too, and I am really very satisfied of it, just think it is one of the best lenses ever made. Also own a canon mount copy for a modified EOS 350D I use to shoot IR: well, I reached the best results in IR just with that lens without focusing problems and really crisp images