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L bracket for the SD14


I have used L brackets for my E-3 to make it faster to move from horizontal to vertical when using a tripod. My current setup includes the Velbon 540 carbon fiber tripod with a Velbon ball head modified with a Kirk Arca style quick release. I have been using a universal flat plate with the SD14, but it really slows me down.

Since no one makes a custom Arca style L-bracket, I was all set to modify one from a Canon 5D (move the locating pin and grind off the locating lip). I decided to give the universal MC-L L bracket from Really Right Stuff before I ruin a new Canon 5D custom bracket. The MC-L works! There is even a ridge on the back side to keep the plate from rotating. This is a quality plate and it is less expensive than the custom ones ($109 vs $149).

This is a great tool to move from horizontal to vertical quickly and easily. If you have not tried an L bracket, find some one who has one and try their setup - you will want one for yourself.


PS If you have other cameras, this bracket my work for those as well. RRS has a pdf file with dimensions on it so you can get a pretty good idea if it will fit.