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Leaf Valeo 6


Active Member
Does anyone have any input in regards to the Leaf Valeo 6 digital back. I shoot mostly weddings and portraits. Pros, cons? Do you think it is worth a $7,000 investment including the 10 gig magazine/powerpack?


Well-Known Member
I'd look for a used 16 meg Kodak ProBack 645C for those applications. It's very portable, much like a DSLR in use. 2-3 batteries last all day. I use one for weddings myself. Probably in the same price range used.


Well-Known Member
I totally second Marc's opinion. Even now, after this back has been discontinued for almost a year, it is still the best price/performance ratio. Besides, it is 16 megapixel as opposed to what Leaf 6 has to offer